My Pledge

I pledge to work for our Appomattox community as a whole, no favoritism. I will be honored to do my best for this fine county, and we can make it even better. Good government, on any level, is not just the work of your public officials. It should be everyone’s concern

I pledge to stand between you, and any governing entity that issues immoral edicts.

My door will always be open, and I can surely use all the help I can get.

Ken “Dutch Henry” Wolfskill


My wife, Robin, and I moved to Appomattox County in 2006. A little by accident, a little by design. It did not take us long to fall in love with Appomattox. The countryside, the people, the friendly way of life. Over the years we’ve come to appreciate Appomattox County more and more.

But who am I?

Most folks know me as Dutch Henry – My nick name that really took root shortly after moving here, and I began to concentrate on my writing career. I’ve written for equine magazines and published 9 books to date. My focus now is a series of children’s books called A Dog Named Saturday. “Children’s books the way they used to be TM”.

My wife and I have been members of the Appomattox County Republican Committee since 2015. I serve as chairman of the Appomattox County Zoning Appeals board.

We are active in our church, the Reformed Bible Church of Appomattox.

Why I want be your supervisor?

As Christians, we are commanded to serve. Not just reap the benefits of other’s dedicated service.

But what does it mean to me to be called to serve? It means that as Christians we are to build a solid, Christian family. We are to be active in our church. And we are to be involved in our community governance. For that is God’s structure. God – Family – Community. That’s the dynamic.

What I can offer?

Dedicated service to our wonderful county. A service devoted to focusing on sound fiscal responsibility. So that all mandated responsibilities can be well funded, while holding the line on taxes. I will immediately upon being elected, create a newsletter that all are encouraged to join. And, after each meeting, I will email notes.

Ken “Dutch Henry” Wolfskill

Where I Stand

Fiscal Responsibility & Debt Awareness

We have to be fiscally responsible by creating strategies for managing debt and adopting practices of smart spending. The county’s charge is to ensure our law enforcement, emergency services, schools and social services are supported. That is how your tax dollars should be spent and I will ensure that your tax dollars are spent efficiently and will steward your money in a responsible way.


Our county tax rate is one of the highest in the area. I want to keep our taxes low so we don’t get taxed out of our homes and businesses. I will make it a priority to cut our taxes by paying off the county’s debt.  We pay the banks about 3 million every year for the loans (about 1 million is interest).  Yet our taxes don’t decrease because we just borrow more.  This cycle must stop.  I will make the County’s debt a priority so we can reduce our taxes.

Our Children

Our children deserve a wholesome and safe environment where they can thrive. Inappropriate books have no place in our public and school libraries. As an author of children’s books this is near and dear to my heart. As a member of the Board of Supervisors I will be sure the Library Board has that same intent.

Appomattox County’s Future

There will be even more troubling laws, mandates and regulations passed down from higher governance to our county. And we need to act preemptively. Appomattox County has already been chosen for a trash transfer station. What next?

I am not against growth. But it needs to be carefully planned and thought through so as to preserve our lovely rural county. Through effective law enforcement, guarding against intrusive laws, protecting property rights and providing for a sound education it can be done.

Before I say yes to any vote, I will ask 3 questions:

  • Is it constitutional?
  • Can we afford it?
  • Is it right for our county?

I will not vote for any laws that go against the laws of God.