VCDL-PAC congratulates and endorsed Ken Wolfskill for Board of Supervisors! Wolfskill scored Very Pro-Gun and received a unanimous endorsement from the committee.
In order to qualify for consideration for VCDL-PAC endorsement a candidate must first submit their answers to the VCDL Survey. Other factors taken into account are voting records, public statements, and other information that may be available to the PAC.

Wolfskill Answers Question at the Candidate Forum held in Pamplin

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July 27, 2023

United States Congressman gives his Endorsement to Ken Wolfskill

Tom Garrett Endorses

“I’ve known Dutch for years, and am proud to endorse him as he works to serve the people of the Appomattox River District.”

Tom Garrett – candidate for House of Delegates 56th District

Wolfskill’s Comments to the BOS at the June 20, 2023 meeting regarding the Appomattox County Public Library
Wolfskill’s Comments to the BOS at the July 17, 2023 meeting regarding the Appomattox County Public Library
Ken Wolfskill Address the Appomattox County Republican Committee on July 21, 2023
Endorsement from Bradley Steele Driskill – Vice Treasurer Appomattox County Republican Committee, Contributor to Conservative Blogs
!!!ENDORSEMENT ALERT!!! APPOMATTOX COUNTY CONSERVATIVE ACTIVIST BRADLEY DRISKILL ENDORSES Ken “Dutch Henry” Wolfskill for Appomattox County Board of Supervisors (Appomattox River District)
I’ve known Mr. Wolfskill for almost three years now, I serve with him in the Appomattox GOP and the one thing that stands out about him is his desire to lead and be a leader who wants what’s best for the citizens in his community and that is the restoration of morals, growth and prosperity for Appomattox County! I could go on and on about Mr. Wolfskill’s moral and Christian character but one thing I can guarantee you the voters of the Appomattox River District is that he will fight for you and your children and do all that he can to protect them from the immorality that the left works hard to instill into their precious minds! As a resident of the Falling River District I can say that Mr. Wolfskill will be a voice for all of Appomattox County and that’s the kind of person I and my family want to manage our great county where our nation reunited! Mr. Wolfskill has my endorsement and full support